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    Genealogy Definitions

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    Abstract- Summary of documents, esp. deeds and wills.
    Administrator- Person appointed to manage or divide the estate of a deceased person. Feminine administratrix.
    Ancestor- A person from whom one is descended; forefather.
    Ancestry- 1. Descent or lineage. 2. Ancestors collectively.
    Archives- Records of a government, organization, institution, the place where such records are stored.
    Attest- To affirm; to certify by signature or oath.
    Aunt- 1. The sister of one's father or mother. 2. The wife of one's uncle.

    Bequeath- To give personal property to a person in a will.
    Bond- A binding agreement to perform certain actions or duties or be required to pay a specified sum of money as a penality.
    Bounty land- Land promised as reward or inducement for enlisting in military service.

    Census- A periodic offical count of population.
    Common Ancestor- One shared by any two or more people.
    Conveyances- deeds.
    Cousin- 1. A child of one's aunt or uncle. 2. A relative descended from a common ancestor.

    Deceased- Dead.
    Deed- A document sealed as an instrument of bond, contract, or conveyance, esp. pertaining to property.
    Descendancy- A persons offspring, children, grandchildren, and succeeding generations.
    Descendant- Offspring of a person, even into remote generations.
    Devise- To give property, usually land, in a will.
    Devisee- One to whom property is given in a will.
    Devisor- One who gives property in a will.
    Dower- Legal right or share which a wife acquired by marriage in the real estate of her husband, allotted to her after his death for her lifetime.

    Enumeration- Listing or counting, such as a census.
    Estate- All property and debts belonging to a person.
    Executor- One appointed in a will to carry out the provisions. Feminine: executrix

    Genealogy- 1. A record or table of ancestory. 2. Direct descent from an ancestor. 3. The study of ancestory.
    Given name- Name given to a person at birth or baptism; one's first and middle name.
    Grantee- One's who buys property or receives a grant.
    Grantor- One who sells property or makes a grant.
    Great Aunt- 1. The sister of one's grandparents. 2. The spouse of one's great uncle or great aunt.
    Great Uncle- 1. The brother of one's grandparents. 2. The spouse of one's great uncle or great aunt.

    Heir- One entitled by law or by terms of a will to inherit property from another.

    Illegitimate- Born to a mother who was not married to the child's father.
    Indentured servant- One bound into the service of another person for a specified number of years, often in return for transportation to this country.
    Intestate- One who dies without a will; One dying without a will.
    Issue- Offspring; children; descendants.

    Late- Recently deceased; now deceased.
    Legacy- Property or money left to someone in a will.
    Legatee- One who inherits money or property through a will.
    Lineage- Ancestry; direct descent from a specific ancestor.

    Maiden name- A girl's surname before marriage.
    Maternal- Related through one's mother. Maternal grandmother is the mother's mother.
    Microfiche- A sheet of microfilm containing rows of pages in reduced form.
    Microfilm- 1. A film on which documents are photographed greatly reduced in size. 2. A reproductioon on microfilm.
    Mortality- Death; death rate.

    Namesake- Person named after another person.

    Patent- Grant of land from a government to an individual.
    Paternal- Related through one's father. Paternal grandmother is the father's mother.
    Pedigree- Family tree; ancestry; lineage.
    Pension- Money paid regularly to an individual. especially by a government as reward for military service during wartime or upon retirement from government service.
    Pensioner- One who receives a pension.
    Poll- List or record or persons, esp. for taxing or voting; one head or taxable person.
    Probate- Legal process of determining that a will is valid before authorizing distributin of the estate, appointing someone to administer an intestate estate, and overseeing the settlements of estates.
    Progenitor- 1. A direct ancestor. 2. An originator of a line of descent.

    Relict- Widow.

    Sic- Latin. thus; copied exactly as the orginial reads.
    Surname- One's last name.

    Territory- Area of land owned by the United States, not a state, but having its own legislature and governor.
    Testator- Person who makes a valid will before death.
    Tithable- Taxable; a person who owes tax to a specified jurisdiction.

    Uncle- 1. The brother of one's father or mother. 2. The husband of one's aunt.

    Vital records- Records of birth, death, marriage, divorce.
    Vital statistics- Data dealing with birth, death, marriage, divorce.

    Warranty deed- Deed in which the settler of the property guarantees a clear title to the buyer.
    Will- A legal declaration of how a person wishes one's posessions to be disposed of after one's death.

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