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    Welcome to the Peddie-McNeely Family Pages

    Hello, my name is Drake McNeely Peddie and welcome to my family genealogy pages where I focus on my maternal (McNeely) and paternal (Peddie) ancestry. Included in these lineages, I also share ancestry with the following surnames; Peddie (England / IL), McNeely (Ireland / VA / KY / IL), Hewitt (England / IL), Hughes (Wales / IL), Reavley (England / PA / IL), Covenhoven (Holland / NY / NJ / KY), Conover (NJ / KY / IL), Tilton (England / NJ), Imlay (NJ), Pluss (Switzerland / IL) and many more.


    History of the Peddie Name

    The Scottish surname "Peddie", a native to Perthshire, is probably a form of "Peattie", a diminutive of Peter and would therefore be patronymic in origin, that is, deriving from the personal name of the father of the first bearer.  This surname occurs frequently in Cromarty Parish session records and is found in Angus in the 15th century. Early instances of the surname include one Edward Pedy who witnessed the resignation of the bell of S. Meddan to Sir John Ogilvy in 1447 (Miscellany of the Spalding Club, 1841-1852).  Also, three individuals named Peddy were among those to whom lands of Kynelwyne were leased in 1485.

    People bearing the name Peddie, (or a variant of it, as spelling was not regularized until the 18th century) were among the earliest settlers to the New World. The muster of inhabitants of Jordan's Journey, taken January 21, 1624, has a John Pead, aged 35, who came over on the Southampton in 1622 and the register of the Parish of Christ Church, in Barbados is 1679, includes John Pead, who owned four and half acres and seven servants.  Distinguished bearers of the name include Thomas Baldwin Peddie, manufacturer and philanthropist, who was one of the most respected and venerated men of Newark, New Jesey, who was born in Edinburgh in 1808.

      Peddie Farewell to George

    dpeddie writes "
    “It’s a long way from Riverton” is what George used to tell Wanda when they got somewhere they had never been before. They have been together a very long time.  Their paths parted during WWII and they were re-united after the war.  So once again their paths have parted and eventually they will be rejoined again as it was meant to be.
      Posted by odyssey on Sunday, August 19 @ 14:11:49 EDT (7260 reads)
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      Peddie Eulogy for George H. Peddie

    coco writes "Until last Friday, I did not know for sure that angels existed. My father was in the ICU and on a ventilator when a little girl and her mother walked in. The little girl was wearing what I imagine was her confirmation dress and carrying a harp about as big as she was. Her mother explained to me that she was the daughter of one of my fatherís dearest friends, that they loved my father, and she asked if it would be all right if her daughter could play for him. And with the most peaceful, loving smile on her face, unfazed by the machines and ravages of illness, that 9-year old girl played her harp at my fatherís bedside. It was at that moment, as I watched this child with the face and soul of an angel, that I knew for sure that they existed because I knew Daddy and I had been visited by one."
      Posted by odyssey on Monday, November 13 @ 21:54:56 EST (7666 reads)
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      Peddie Petty vs. Peddie

    dpeddie writes "There is some anecdotal evidence (family stories etc.) to suggest that the PEDDIES originated from Ireland, the name PETTY becoming PEDDY in Scotland, or that PEDDIES went to Ireland where the reverse happened to the surname. There are two possible explanations for the surname Petty and its variants Pettie, Pettee, Petit, and Pettitt when it is found in Ireland. The principal Petty family was established in the county Kerry by the famous Sir William Petty in the seventeenth century. The name may be of the nickname origin, descriptive of some personal or physical characteristic of the initial bearer and in this case, the name may be derived from the Old French "petit" meaning "small, one small in stature"."
      Posted by odyssey on Sunday, February 27 @ 05:55:10 EST (9132 reads)
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      Irish Roots Tracing Your Irish Roots

    dpeddie writes "For those of you with Irish heritage in your past, I am sure you have discovered by now how difficult researching your Irish roots can be. However, with some patience and some basic information that this article will provide, you can trace your Irish roots there quite successfully."
      Posted by odyssey on Sunday, February 27 @ 05:54:47 EST (37712 reads)
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      Italian Roots Tracing Your Italian Roots

    dpeddie writes "Locating where your Italian ancestors originated can be a very tedious task. By following the provided checklist and utilizing some useful references, many of your immigrant Italian ancestors can be found.
      Posted by odyssey on Sunday, February 27 @ 05:54:18 EST (8619 reads)
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      General Genealogy Value of Probate Records

    dpeddie writes "When it comes to collecting vital records for genealogy, most people typically start by collecting bith, marriage and death records. However, an often untapped source that is often overlooked and is very easy to locate in many cases is probate records that are filed after a death of your ancestor. So what is probate and how can it help you get more info....read on.......
      Posted by odyssey on Sunday, February 27 @ 05:53:48 EST (9244 reads)
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    Peddie's Garage

    Peddie Brothers

    George H Peddie - 1945

    Edna Hewitt

    1st Peddie Family in America





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